from Life as a Planet

I am learning much about how to be a life sustaining planet, especially since my Kundalini awakened and brought me a vibration where I can see happenings differently..

There is this guy who, honestly, in all the lives I am able to look through and see him and I together in, he is quite despicable .  In one life in a castle with him I was held captive by him.  He called me Princess but he had seen me and he wanted me so he had stolen me and I walked around with a chain around my ankle, around my wrist.  Depending on his mood sometimes he would chain me in his dungeon..

In another life I had gone to marry him in order to add the warrior bloodline to the seer bloodline.  I married him to produce his babies..  We had many boys before I finally gave birth to my daughter.  In that life he became jealous of my daughter because he wanted the love I gave her, so he went to a not so noble Shaman and had the Shaman trick my eyes so I could not see what happened.  He sold my daughter for money to the Shaman, bloodied up her clothes, came back to the village saying she had been killed, and blamed me for her death to bring me to humiliation.

Even in this current life he had behaved in a despicable manner.  Right after he met me he saw I had a portal to the Animal Kingdom, decided he wanted it and decided under the guise of feel good he was going to use it for what he deemed as more important then asking permission.

Then basically he said, “I am going to walk with you and you are going to like it.”  I could not explain what happened, why I did not have the power to resist, but in looking through time I had seen such bad Karma between us that I thought I would stay and work through the bad karma our being together created.

In the time that lead to the ending, he had said that he had seen into the future, a book called the Book of Trees that had been written by me and 1000 years into the future they were going to use this book as school lessons to teach the children.  After that he kept trying to force me to write the book in scripture, and I kept trying to explain to him that my whole life is writing, it is a song and that if my writings were found in the future it would be that they would compile bits and pieces into teachings.

But he would not hear me.  So finally he told me that he was going to have to do it himself, that he was going to have to write the book…  I did not really know what he meant..

Then comes this Kundalini rising, and my vibration begins to raise.  Without him knowing what is happening, suddenly he is calling me all the time saying that I am making love to him in the astral world.  I assure him I am not.. and things get even more strange.

He keeps calling me over and over, acting like we are boy friend and girl friend intimately connected..  And I keep telling me, I am busy with someone else right now.  So I begin asking him if he is looking in on my world without permission.. and he keeps calling telling me how great a lover I am being with him.. and I am telling him, “It is not me.”

Finally I start looking over on the astral plane to see what it is that he sees that makes him think I am connecting to him..

I enter in, and I am an Earth.  Upon my body there is a garden, a very magical place..  and without asking permission from me he is sneaking into my magical garden and taking from the essence of me..  From this essence he is writing something he calls the Book of Trees.  But in all honesty his Book of Trees does not resemble me in the least.  (my ‘all the laws for how to walk in balance in world of solid were written on the Earths body’)  No his Book of Trees is a poisoning for the mind of the people to bend them to his will and keep them enslaved..  It does not reflect me at all.  It is like digging gold out of me, melting it down, forming it into wedding rings.. enslaving.. and is not the essence of who I am in purity..  or making a diamond ring, charging by the karot .. enslaving.. the minds and hearts of the people to believe that is a status..

But I am an Earth and and Earth must be life sustaining to all who come to inhabit her .. his.. their body..  so I cannot hold myself in contempt, or judgement..  He is like a miner, making camp outside of one of my caves, mining it…  but the really strange thing is, even though I find it despicable that he turns my gold into rings to sell and my diamonds into a status, thus working to enslave the people..  when he is in garden and I am in the place of my Earthen body, his touch feels sacred….

Being a life sustaining planet requires that we are capable of allowing many different forms of species to co exist upon us..

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