Activation points Ballerina Dancer, part 2 of 3

And it came to pass, that after the Ballerina danced through my life I found myself in a dream:

In the dream I had been placed on the edge of a plowed field by the ones who guide me from within.  I was instructed that I was stand in furrows and leap like a ballerina across every mound until I got to the other side.

But in the dream I thought this was a ridiculous exercise and so I decided not to do it.

Then I turn and I am a runner in a race.  There are many of us and we are squatted down when I hear the words, “It is time.”  With that the gun goes off and we begin running.  There is a hurdle up ahead that I am suppose to leap over, but I didn’t do the exercises that I had been given and so when I tried to leap over the hurdle it falls to the ground and I loose some momentum.

Traveling on I run to the second hurdle and it too falls over when I attempt to jump it.

I get to the 3rd hurdle and it is that same thing.  I realize I am poorly prepared, and by now I am spending a lot of time picking up the hurdles I am knocking down.

Then I hear a voice, it says, “It is not how you run the race, one second you are running, the next second you are there.”

From that time, until the next ballerina event, 10 years passed..

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