Activation points Ballerina Dancer, part 1 of 3

This happened 20 some years ago..

One day she just appeared as I was playing music, a ballerina dancer, standing in miniature off to the side, spinning in sacred swirl, dancing to the music that was playing on the radio.

Once she appeared in my vision it seemed like every time I turned on the radio there she would be spinning and twirling in her ballerina dance to the music as it played on my radio.

She was a miniature ballerina, about the size of a music box dancer.  She fit perfectly everywhere I went, be it dancing on the radio or dancing on the dash of my car.  It was like clock work, every time the music played she would appear and begin to dance.

I do not know how long the passage through time of the time of the ballerina dancer lasted.  Some visions last for 3 months, some for a year, and some transmute from one thing to another..

What I know is the last time I saw her I had gone to the grocery store and she had danced upon my dashboard the whole way there and when I arrived at the grocery store, I could feel her spirit dancing there, just like always as the music played.  My own heart dancing spinning and twirling I went up and down the aisles until at, coming around the corner I saw her at the end of the aisle, full body inside her sacred dance, spinning and twirling..

It was the last time I saw her.


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