continuing journey’s, Unicorn memories

When the Unicorn sang the creation song of my path to this dimension we traveled back to the first thought of wanting to touch a tree in a world of solid (and as a collective soul, there were many others who had the same kind of thought, so we gathered in council to decide how it was that we would accomplish this.. Inside the bubble of so called ‘time’ it appeared to me as we were little people discussing how we could meet each other in a world of solid (believe me, we thought it would be a really fun thing to do) We had to set up the rules, people volunteering to incarnate as animal spirits so we could form a food chain that would sustain our 3 d bodies… Any way, as I stood there, inside the bubble that the Unicorn was showing me up above us, floating in the ether’s was what appeared to be a humongous whale that we looked tiny beneath.. It was she who said, “I will take the role of the Earth body you live upon”

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