Song of the Unicorn companion

As my Unicorn companion sang its song to me, I found myself inside a tunnel, as if inside its horn. Floating around in the darkness I could see specks of light from magical powder.. Each speck as I looked upon it became an orb in which I could see the story of my life from another time, in which we were clearly traveling back through time until we arrived at the place where the tree spirit hovered in rainbow light.. and in the morning when I arose, I conceived I wanted to create a world that was solid so that I could lay my body next to the tree.. then traveling forward more from the collective soul we are, inside the bubble we are making plans for our descent into a 3D world.. forward again we travel looking into bubble after bubble of time until at last it is time for me to go under the veil, at which time my Unicorn companion says, I cannot go with you there, but I will meet you on the other side.”

Then our time under the veil is coming to an end, we are about to be born into a  new world… and standing there…. welcoming… the Unicorn

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