In my dreams he comes

In my dreams he comes for reasons I know not why..

for the last 3 nights he comes and I know not why

In one I am laying on him, on his right side and he is holding me when I melt into him, merge in a way as if I am his other half and then I see I am tattooed onto his body..

Then in the dream we are going about business, about life, and he is coming closer.  I can feel him.  He is coming closer and I can feel him.  We are going to lay together, I can tell.  He is waiting for me to be ready..

Then he disappears again like he does .. and I go to find him .. again ..  He is laying in a single bed..

Then we are on the steps, the kind that would be like at a government building.  He is sitting there and I am standing there.   Then he invites me to come to him, to the place where I merge into the tattoo of me laying on him, on his right side.. He invites me to come lay with him in the place where I was laying on his right side, where I merged with him and became the tattoo on his body.. but I am afraid and hold myself back..  I am still afraid..  I am worried I will no longer fit in the place I once fit.  I hesitate.

In this mornings dream, he was here.  We were going somewhere..  He was driving my car.. and I wanted to take him to the river, or else we were driving so close to the river that I could see it..  but the river is not the river that is here.  It is the river from our home world..  We are close to the river..

I have dreamed before of the man of the man on who’s right side I was tattooed as if his love for me was so strong that I was permanently tattooed upon his body..  that was in the 90’s.. 

I wonder if I can find the picture again.. it was a crescent moon shaped hair picture from way back before I knew was a planet to volunteered to come assist the Earth in their ascension..

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