the dog and the cloud person

I am still working on astral travel.. In the first part I must have been merged with the Earth looking out when a beautiful cloud person curled herself in the sky above me.. and then I was in my body and me and this guy were walking to the top of a hill. As we came over the top of it and down a gentle slope that curved around, I found myself with my face next to a beloved dog, like a pet. When he had settled into the Earth (when we were dressing the Earth in her/his clothing) his nose had become a stone. And as I stood there with my face against the coolness of the stone caressing his nose, I could see through time that he was a much beloved dog, had the energy of a pet that walked with another.. it was really beautiful… seeing them… the cloud person and her pet dog.. really cool.. when she would pet him she would descend down and be the mist of the cloud touching him… it was really pretty…  the above picture is the closest representation I could find.
On my phone I have the ability to record and then turn it into an alarm..  I think I will take parts of this video, record them into my alarm.. and then schedule it to go off while I am sleeping…
should be.. far out…

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