Kundalini Rising

I have been on a journey for more than a minute..  Every since I was young the world translated itself to me in fairytale images.. which was why it was so easy to write My life as a Fairy Tale..  In that journey I merged with the Earth..  and then she said,  “Ok now we are going to pass through an Asteroid Belt, sit back and enjoy the ride.”

I did not know what she meant at the time..  and have been on a journey of discovery with what she mean..   What she called the ‘Asteroid Belt’ turned out to be the place the people who travel in their astral bodies go to..  and as near as I can tell, in my vibrating Kundalini rising I have no been transformed into a beam of light that, what I call the  “Moth men” are very attracted to.

There were many of them that appeared with the onset of my Kundalini Awakening, and I had no control over any of it..  Then I passed through 4 vibrational shifts, which was very intense, and after which I cried for 4 days.. then I surrendered, for surely to fight this is to go insane, and I will not be going crazy today.. so I surrendered..  to this Kundalini Rising..

Before incarnating on this planet..  I was living  on another planet (Indians as Star People is very much a part of our memories) when the call went out that the lovely being who had her/his body as the Earth had chosen to ascend and volunteers were very much needed in assisting her from her/his dense solid body back into a light body.. so I was one of  the many who volunteered..

And the Earth tells me, this Kundalini Rising like a beam of light joining others whose Kundalini is rising is very much a part  of assisting in helping them, the 2 who walk as One, Earth, getting back into their light body..

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