Onyx Dreams me…

Yesterday I bought some Onyx, and as I like to sleep with the Stone People I wrapped it around my wrist as I was going to sleep. Woke up dreaming that I was staring out into the way far away distance where the sky looks black and saw 5 galaxies standing there waving at me, including one was a black hole.

for those who were around me hearing me singing my song in 2008, that was the year the singer came and sang me the song of my creation story.. For 3 months I kept talking about the singer and the words to the song of “Remember when” We traveled to distant galaxies where I was shown how we all decided at the same time we would like to experience each other in a world that was solid, so we made a gathering and decided our places in the world of solid (and the rules) Some galaxies would incarnate in the animal kingdom, some in the mineral kingdom, some in the plant kingdom, some would take the human form.. (At the end of the song stood the Unicorn, the singer of the song)

This dream is a continuation of the Unicorn song.. and the Onyx was the Black Hole incarnate here on Earth as Onyx.. and the other galaxies that were standing there waving at me too, they incarnated as Stone People from the family of the Onyx (so to speak) or translates ‘they grow close together”.

I just found these pictures to represent them but doing a search on Onyx with other mineral… thought I would share… ♥♥♥

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