giving birth to stars and galaxies

I am doing it this way because.. gosh you make those moves, so soft and subtle.. (like send me a birthday card.. and call me)  and the next thing I know I turn into a babbling brook and I just can’t shut up..  And that is what you did.  You touched me so gently that suddenly I found myself in the place where I was a babbling brook…  this make the 5th letter you would have received today as I babble in this place….  but you touched me and now I cannot shut up..  artist I am I have to sing, so this way you will only hear if you want to listen.. only if you go to the place of the babbling brook will you hear her song..

I found some words to go with where I am now, in the place where you said you saw me giving birth to stars and galaxies..  I read this:

Stellar Archaeology Traces Milky Way’s History

May 30, 2012: Unfortunately, stars don’t have birth certificates. So, astronomers have a tough time figuring out their ages. Knowing a star’s age is critical for understanding how our Milky Way galaxy built itself up over billions of years from smaller galaxies. But Jason Kalirai of the Space Telescope Science Institute and The Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Astrophysical Sciences, both in Baltimore, Md., has found the next best thing to a star’s birth certificate.

Using a new technique, Kalirai probed the burned-out relics of Sun-like stars, called white dwarfs, in the inner region of our Milky Way galaxy’s halo. The halo is a spherical cloud of stars surrounding our galaxy’s disk. Those stars, his study reveals, are 11.5 billion years old, younger than the first generation of Milky Way stars. They formed more than 2 billion years after the birth of the universe 13.7 billion years ago. Previous age estimates, based on analyzing normal stars in the inner halo, ranged from 10 billion to 14 billion years. Kalirai’s study reinforces the emerging view that our galaxy’s halo is composed of a layer-cake structure that formed in stages over billions of years.

A new one appeared today.  He is very signatured.  very slowly does he penetrate my atmosphere until he sets the wheel to spinning.  Then with his movements he increases the spin until just as I am feeling it in the fabric of my being he withdraws and disappears…  for a time..   then he comes back and does the same thing again…  he did it all morning before I went to work, and showed up again here after I got home from work.  He is very signatured, coming at me in the exact same measures repeatedly, then disappearing….  I wonder what a pulsar is..

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