Thunderbeing Dream

Was dreaming I was just kind of drifting along looking at the scenery below me when I came to a sidewalk that I was going to walk down..  then it became one of those dreams where you close your eyes and the wont open again..  so I thought well I will just walk blind on faith that I am still on the sidewalk and not crash into anything and continue to the place where I can get my eyes to stay open.

I finally reached a place where I could peek out my eyes and see I was still on the sidewalk, and  little further than  that I was able to open my eyes again just in time to see a whole line of bike on both sides of me with an opening in the center that I could pass through.

As I am traveling down the passageway between the bikes, I can see people like clouds drifting around.  I can see a  man on a bike riding around.  Then he is coming towards me..  Then he is coming right up the passage way I am in.  About this time I blink and cannot see again, so I just stand there and wait until I can see again, and when I look up he has left his bike upon my path but I cannot see him.

I am standing there wondering about this when a shop keeper comes, picks up the bike and begins backing it out of the tunnel, so I ask him, “Why did he do that? ”  And the shop keeper said, ” he wanted you to know that he hears you coming…  and that it is going to rain soon.”

With this I awoke..

I love dreaming when I am in my cloud body, and I love becoming aware of the other clouds around me….

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