Tree Hugger ~a spiritual journey

 It was way back in the 80’s I read an article, “Have you hugged a tree lately?” Well, in front of my house was a tree. At the time I felt so impure that I could not bring myself to feel worthy to hug a tree. So every day for 2 weeks I stood in front of the tree and explained how unworthy I felt to try to hug because my life was a war zone and everything was crazy, so I kept telling the tree, “I want to hug you but I do not feel worthy.Around 2 weeks later I went to check the mail and talked to the tree inside my head they whole time. When I got back into my house I stood looking out the wind, talking to the tree still when I heard a voice, She said, “you want to hug me?” and in that moment I felt like a little child shaking my head yes.. and she said, “Well, come here” And so I ran to her as fast as I could and threw my arms around her.. she downloaded me with so much information that it took me 3 days to go to sleep.. That was in the 80″s.By the time 2002 arrived I had surrendered to the Earth, and upon my surrender the Indians began restoring my memories. I was guided some 450 miles away to Ceremony.. And upon arrival I began hugging the trees… They knew my name.. they told me how their roots were all connected.. so the trees I always hugged had told them I was coming..

Last year this girl and we were having an exchange when she put in a poem from a tree that wanted to say hello to me.. Now 13 generations ago my mother in the life, when she walked rainbows would dance at her feet. My Father was Chief Whitefeather and he was a seer, he could see what was going to happen, as could I, but to a smaller degree. He decided that the warrior bloodline needed to be added to the seer bloodline for the time that were coming so he convinced me to marry a Mohawk Warrior. There were people of the Long House and their ‘city’ was near the Great River.

So I went and I bore the Mohawk many children, sons, but I did not have a heart for the Mohawk because he was an angry warrior and I was gentle of spirit like my mother. Finally I had daughter and poured all my love into her. The Mohawk saw this and he wanted the love I gave our daughter.. and since he could not have it, he tricked my mind into believing that someone had killed our daughter, then he blamed it on me. Heart broken I left and began following some stars that were calling me to my sistar.. I walked and walked, and when I would get lost a white feather would fall and tell me where to go.

I walked all the way to what is now known as California, to a Chumash Village where I was taken in by a lady name White Feather.. I lived the remainder of my days there, had a hut, and was a medicine woman.. there was a tree there that I loved and nurtured..

and that tree was the tree in the poem. Even though it had been sawed down and made into lumber that was made into an apartment building that now stood abandoned, that tree remembered me from well over 200 years ago…

picture found during web search

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