You Visit me Often


You visit me often in my world.

You are the shadows 

that dance upon my body,

my ground, my home,

the place I now occupy.

The place of my shinings 


You are the shadows

that dance upon my ground 

and play upon

the quiet places of my longings. 


You are the darkness

that lives inside of me,

in my caves and crevices.

And in my long treks

you lay with me.


When you slip in

I hand you a crown

and follow ever so softly beside you.

I am the blue your grey merges with,

the pink

that dances upon 

the blue you have created.

I soften my light

and watch your shadows shift gears 






2 Responses

  1. Girl, and again you have enchanted me!

  2. As do you enchant me too Emma.. as do you…

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