Eagles Dancing and the Thunder Bird

In 1995 a bunch of artist showed up at my house and began drawing pictures.  At the time I was working on this Eagle picture..  which when I drew it the Eagle told me it was head dress..  then as I am putting her underneith the Eagle, I hear the words, “And at the end of the story the Dancing Bird Goddess steps off the edge of the precipice and begins her flight..  It is the story of her leap of faith….   As I was watching the story I could clearly see every step of the journey was taking  her to the edge of the precipice

 Last November I came out of Walmarts looked up at the sky and saw 2 Eagles dancing in flight inside the body of the Thunderbird I had been talking to..  I tried to take pictures of them but they barely showed up, so I had to take 2 Eagles from the internet and clone them on..  The actual Eagles that I saw that day are the 2 spots underneith and to the right of her chin on the lower pictures….  This picture is my honoring of the completion of a great Cirlce…  and as always the circle becomes a spiral..

….  from 1995 ….

 Other pictures from the same story… time….  for some reason I felt like I was drawing her, the Dancing Bird Goddess from other countries too…


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