Pink Lady of the Amazon dreams me

…Inside the dream…

spring 2011


I dreamed a dream in which in the midst of the dream I went back to bed and dreamed a dream within the dream.. In this dream there was a man who seemed to always act as my escort, where ever I went he was there. He was very tall, at least 18 ” taller than I and I remember feelings of being held gentle inside his embrace, and the feeling that when I spoke my words in soft whispers to him he cherished the ground I walked upon, and then again the soft feel of being held by him as every where I went he was there..


I was out tending to the garden, looking around at my creation when I realized that when I looked up to the second story balcony of our place the plants had grown so thick that they had formed a beautiful canopy that made the deck very private, so I ran upstairs to see if it was as private on the inside as it appeared on the outside.. and thought I saw orchids growing on the deck..


About that time my grand daughter came along and was saying something about wanting something to eat, so told her that I would travel with her in search of food..


At this point I realized I was bare breasted, tried to grab a pink shirt, but instead the shirt was plaid and would only button enough for me to go in search of food, so I button 3 buttons and told my companion, the very tall indigenous long haired dark skinned man that we were going in search of food. The moment I stepped close to him, his arm automatically came around me to hold me in a gentle embrace, and I don’t think he understood the effect his holding me this was having on me because I totally wanted to flirt with him, but he just held me and listened to my whispers like he was holding something sacred..


I awoke with my grand daughter and I traveling in search of food..


It was a short time later as I sat staring at this plant, sitting at the foot of my bed, that I realized that I was inside the plant and she was dreaming me… I believe that i was seeing her world through her eyes, and the tall dark skinned man was a tree that held her in his embrace as she grew…


I believe the reason I put the plaid shirt on to go in search of food was because she searched for food with her roots…


And in the dream we were in search of a pizza shop in search of food.  so I think that through her roots she must find her food through where the mushrooms grow..


what a gift she gave me

dreaming me like that

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