Descending Cloud and Rainbow Raindrop

It began after moving to sacred mountain,

Driving home from work one night

And who should be standing in the road

But a lovely Cloud Person

standing there so gracefully

That I surrendered to what she was saying

And as I drove right through her

A portal opened,

Time elongated

And when I came out

On the other side it was as if

I had entered a new dimension.

It was soon after that

I walked out from work at midnight

To find a cloud had descended down.

And every morning when I arose

This cloud had ascended

Back up to hover over us.

I would go to work and it would be clear

but when I would come out at midnight

I would find the cloud had descended down

to ascend again by morning light

to hover each day above us.

I came into to the realization

that someone was saying hello

so I begin saying ‘hello’ back

and giggling and laughing

and cherishing these moment

inside Descending Clouds body

at midnight on my way home.

Some days passing

this journey through

Descending Cloud

Until at last I come out

at midnight one night

and see it was clear again,

stars shining bright.

I journeyed home

with my head out the window

Looking at the stars

until just as I arrive at my driveway

I see him standing there

Descending Cloud

has come to bid me fare well

And it all becomes holy, holy, holy

as I get out of my car

to see him standing in my yard.

So I curtsey and I bow

In a gesture of thanks

And in that moment

There comes a shift

that is felt in the moment

my next footstep

Touches the ground

All my footsteps becomes

The sound of chimes

And as I look around

The sound of chimes is everywhere

It’s in the trees all around me.

It’s in my footsteps

I have entered the space between

There has been a shift in my dimension

A change in my perception,

Time has slowed down

And I am standing inside the cloud

Listening to its sound,

To its heart beating

And it sounds like chimes.

They are everywhere,

Huge big raindrops

20 feet apart

And with every leaf,

Every branch and every touch

A sound goes out

The sound of chimes ringing

In the night.

And as I stare up with wonders eye

I see way off in the distance

a beautiful rainbow ballerina dancing

all her movements are fluid

are dancing in beauty

with each swirl and twirl

she is moving towards me

closer and closer she comes

in her dance


until as she travel past my eyes

I see she is a raindrop

And with laughter

she hits the ground

with a chiming sound

and I realize

she is Rainbow Raindrop.

Blessed inside this journey..

Visited by

Descending Cloud

And Rainbow Raindrop.

Earthen Girl 2007

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