The White Haired Cowboy

He strolled into town like a cowboy rides in on his horse.  We could not see that under his white hat he was sporting some beautiful white hair, but we watched him, curiously, like people watch strangers passing through, wondering why they had come, wondering what they would do.



Then shouts rang out, commotion stirring we ran to the window in time to see the Cowboy had taken off his hat.  His white hair was blowing in the wind, swirling and twirling in the most awesome of manners.  He wowed us..

and then, as quickly as he had come, he left..

then the sun came out and smilled upon us..

the day took on a golden hue..

we were mesmerized by his passage through.


and it was beautiful..

what he showed us

what he gave us

as he passed on through…

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