Beautiful You

Beautiful you,

so softly you float above me. 

For over 2 weeks I have watched,

with admiration,

your movements across my sky,

whispering soft words,

showing me your village,

your people who walk around inside of you. 

You show me that you carry your family with you

as you drift across the blue,

and I see the others who have come to join you.

I am mesmerized by your beauty,

your touch on my world,

by the way the golden light shines through you.

And I love the way you make the blue melt into you. 

I love the way you make

the white look so pretty

while you show me the magnitude of your depth.

 Beautiful you,

enchanting me on my drive home from work,

so dark the night,

but still I saw your light,

your moving swirls of dance around me. 

If I could have I would have stayed there

all night embracing your beauty,

Days slipping by,

I photographed you,

enchanted by your revealings’

taking pictures of you.


your movement through my sky. 

Whisps of love embracing my tender side,

looking out to see you looking back.

I see you,

glide, glide in, glide over,

massive body you,

who carries your family with you.

Gentle soft sway,

you tickle my sense with your quiet motions. 

No word spoken,

I wait for you to speak,

but so softly you sail over. 

And still there is more

to this song you are singing

while my world dances for you.

So many day passing

as I stand watching you,

thinking how large the family

you carry within your body,

all the while I am snapping pictures of you.

Then rings the phone

to hear on other end,

grand-daughter exclaiming with excitement,

“Grammy the rain has come in!”

250 miles away,

she is telling me what you are doing..

and suddenly

in that moment

I knew what it felt like

to carry your family with you. 

We touched each other through you.

My excitement grew

to know you would be coming with a great wind,

to know that you would break your silence

and speak to me. 

I threw open the blinds

 to watch your dance,

threw open the door

to listen to the song of the wind blowing with you,

threw myself into bed to dream with you,

to tell you how much

I enjoyed this walk with you..  

2 week journey walking with you. 

I found you so lovely,

O Beautiful You.







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