The Do Over

I always liked my hair and for most of my life I kept it short.  My journey was one that was guided from within.  There were all these Indians that were walking with me, who I later came to realize were my Ancestors.  They guided me back to them and once they told me that I was Indian and they had come to reclaim me, they waited just a bit and then said, “Why don’t you grow your hair back out?”

So I said, “Ok” and began letting my hair grow.  I loved it.  One of the things I loved the most was watching it blow in the wind.  It was so pretty and so thick that I had to shave the bottom back half of it off because it was giving me headaches from the weight.

Then I got sick.  My thyroid quit functioning.  My hair started falling out by heaps.  Before it was over I lost 3/4 of the thickness and was down to a pencil size pony tail.  It changed the whole texture of my hair.  It became all matted and knotted and lifeless.  When the wind would blow all it would do was blow up in clumps, no more individual strands.  and it got so thin that I began growing the lower half back out..  that was awful because by the time the lower half was 4 inches long.. and with the long hair on top of that, it created a dreadful look..  so I decided I needed a do over.

So I cut my hair off…  I did not realize my Ancestors would come and grieve the loss of my hair..  but I am a warrior.. and I would not be a good warrior if lived my life with regrets..  So I would not walk a path of regretting this  Do Over.  Rather I would choose what I can gain from it.

I have been feeding my hair since last summer and have found some Chinese herbal medicine to turn back the gray and lack of color.  It is called  He Shou Wu  ..  

I also do not believe that I should give all my power to the Dr.  She says I will have to take this medicine for the rest of my life.  I researched why the thyroid goes out and one of the things I read was that it is believed that once the human body achieves a certain level of toxicity various organs react poorly.  So I was telling a friend that I needed to detox and he suggested that I use the feet detox method.  It is called Foot Detox Pads..   and as  Warrior I look forward to the day  my doctor says I do not have to take this pill anymore…


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