Two Moons



Was in a dream with my sister, did not realize I was on a different planet until we were in our vehicles on the way back..  trying to get back in time for the sunrise.. I was looking off to the side watching the clouds when through the clouds I saw a very large moon rising over the horizon and right behind it… a second moon..

I have dreamed this planet before.  This is the first time I have been shown a sister with me.  I wonder if we were twins.  At the end of the dream I went to the rest room.  She went with me.  The room we passed through was cluttered and full of debree from the babies.  I remember laughing and saying, “You’re going to do the same things I do?”   And she laughed and said, “yes.”

When she put me in my vehicle (as I was trying to get home as the sun was rising) she guided me to a familiar road.  I had to pass through the gates and continue for a long ways.  At one point I realized I had left my cell phone so at the next corner I tried go around the block to make my way back…  I passed a red planet made of iron or some kind of heavy metal..

I have been here before..

art by mdeering (Earthen Girl Native Rainbow Star)

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  2. last night I had a profound dream involving two moons rising. I google image searched ‘two moons rising’ and found your page. I didn’t write down my dream when I woke, and now in the evening I’ve forgotten much of it. What I remember though, is this. I was involved in colonising a new planet. Living in a pod/spacecraft. Lots of problems and interpersonal challenges. Something dramatic happened that resulted in me travelling through space-time in an unusual way. When I woke, I was sad and deflated to find I was back on earth and all our efforts and adventures had resulted in nothing.
    Then someone pointed to the horizon, and I watched as two moons ever so gradually and magestically rose from the horizon. I felt wonder, awe and relief. It seems that while I had been ‘asleep’ for hundreds of years, what I started had succeeded and the planet had ‘terraformed’. There was oxygen and plants and animals and people all surviving beyond out pod/spacecraft.
    I never want to forget that feeling of excitement, hope and awe that rose with those two moons.
    Strange we both dreamt of two moons rising.

    • That is so wonderful… I have followed my dreams for so long now and have moved beyond the beyond … It is like the 2 moons was the beginning of the journey I have taken across the cosmos of discovery. We are so much more than we remember.. Beyond the two moon dreams I traveled.. My love and I were in a pod and like yours, a bumpy journey. We were seeding (colonizing ) a new planet.. It was a bumpy ride. I shook loose from the pod and began falling.. There was no fear, only joy, and knowledge that where I fell to, new life would spring forth…

      Traveling forward through time again, my love and I were twin comets. We were laughing and running through space on our way home..

      Do you find, like I, that you keep finding yourself back in the same places inside your dreams over and over again? … I hope you do…

      Thank you so much for sharing your dream with me..

      Is there somewhere I could follow you? …. I would so love to see where you go as you travel beyond the Two Moons..


  3. Journal Entry, July 2, 2014
    “I had a hopeful dream. We were on another planet–to colonize it–lots of children were in our fortress. Only that meant Earth wasn’t habitable anymore. And somehow that has left me very sad all day.”

    • At this point in my life I travel nightly with consciousness out into the universe. Sometimes it takes me a while to figure out what I am seeing and I will come out of the dream all upset until I understand what I was seeing.. then I am like “Wow”

      I find that my emotional beliefs will make me misinterpret my dreams and that when I expand my consciousness to include interpretations beyond what I see in the physical world that surrounds me, I find things like, watching a woman wrap her babies in a swaddling cloth and dropping them into a pool of water, was in reality sacred stones, crystals that had that film on them being birthed in water..

      It is truly an amazing journey we are one…. saving our dreams so we can touch in similarities, that is so awesome, Thank ‘same’ for sharing your dream.

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